Mogu Mogu 320ml Natural Color купить в Риге
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Mogu Mogu 320ml Natural Color купить в Риге
Купить Mogu Mogu 320ml Natural Color
Mogu Mogu 320ml Natural Color

Mogu Mogu 320ml Natural Color

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Латвия, Рига
Технические характеристики
  • БрендMogu Mogu
  • Страна производительТаиланд
  • Объем60 000 л
  • Степень газированияНегазированный
  • ОсобенностиНатуральный продукт
  • Срок хранения1 года
  • Mogu Mogu

I am a trade business owner located in Riga, Latvia.

I am doing research and importing of quality - exotic foods from region of Asia. Buying only freshly made products, directly from manufacturers.  

I would like to establish a business cooperation and find a business partner to distribute Thailand's origin Mogu Mogu drinks.

I have just received in Riga the container from Thailand, I have 41 000 drinks in stock with 4 flavors.(Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry). I am also official distributor of these products in region of the Baltic states.   

I am offering healthy, specially made natural color formula Mogu Mogu drinks. It consists of 25% real juice and 25% Coconut milk Jelly (Nata de Coco). It suppresses thirst and hunger as you can chew the jelly peaces. It could be a nice product for upcoming Autumn and Winter in Estonia.   I have included attachment with my price offer.  I will be happy to send you product samples either and talk over our possible cooperation.   Please don't hesitate to contact me, I also can speak Russian. 


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Mogu Mogu 320ml Natural Color
Mogu Mogu 320ml Natural Color
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